Jean Marie’s Caning

The short drive to the schooling room was over,  I took Jean ,Marie from the car and swiftly marched her into the building up some metal stairs & into the room. The walls were  white washed and the only two items in the room were a soft leather vaulting horse with restraining straps on each of its four legs, laying across it was a senior cane.

Jean Marie was instructed to strip naked, lay her clothes on the floor and drape herself over the horse. Once she was raised over the horse, her body dangling helplessly I tied the restraints and slapped her rear hard, “Now for the hardest  caning of your life lady!” Swishing the cane alongside Jean Marie’s face I turned, tapped the cane firmly on her quivering butt, enjoying her glistening quim. Jean Marie was still getting used to her position as I cracked  1-2-3-4-5- SIX hard strokes into the soft flesh where butt cheek & thigh meet ! I then lay the cane across the fullness of her rump in such a way that would cause the cane tip to wrap around and lick her hip. The thrashing began with measured strokes delivered in a steady but as yet not fast pace. I used the flick of my wrist that years of playing racket sports had given me and added that extra whip as the cane wrapped itself and dug into the pert, rounded arse presented before me ……  Jean marie made her first kick against the restraint & for that I put one stroke across the tops of her thigh where the breeze from the stroke would have been caught by her exposed sex. Her toes curled as she stoically took the stroke. She took the punishment well but there would be tears eventually, I was not stopping until I was shown full contrition !!

After a lengthy start to her caning I momentarily halted the strokes and placed my hand on to her glistening sex and examined the effect my hard work was having ! Then I went to the front and took a handfull of her hair and lifted her head. Her face was flushed, her eyes moist but not yet tears. “You are a wilfull young lady Jean Marie, yes ? I am now going to begin the part of the punishment whre I will thrash you  as fast as I am able for an extended period. Strokes will occasionally go across your thighs. During this stage you will hold you head high and proudly take every stroke that I award you. When I finish you will thank me, am I understood ?”

The first stroke fell then a hail of strokes followed. Jean Marie’s body tightened against her straps and murmurs of pain could be heard. Trying hard to follow my instruction her head stayed high , only occasionally bucking against the cutting, stinging cut of the rattan. Some fifty or so cuts later I halted, Jean Marie gasped for air, “Thank …… Thank you Sir fo…for my caning Sir!”. I lifted her head, “Tears at last lady ? I think the same again, twice over should see a good wailing, contrite & naughty little girl properly corrected, don’t you think Jean Marie & then I will have you attend to my needs as I wish !!  I took up the position once more, the cane raised high and cracked down once more, outside no one could hear the screams ……….!!